Enterprise Wide Risk Management Training


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Risk Management is an effective tool for managing the uncertainties resulting from various business risks. Many of these business risks go beyond traditional risk that can be insured. In today’s business environment, not all risks can be insured. Infact, some risks are better retained within the business and managed for better returns.

Riskpro conducts trainings on ERM as one or two-day training sessions. The trainings are offered as in-house trainings for companies.

A sample ERM Training agenda would include the following topics:

  • Industry Challenges and emerging trends
  • Risk Management Fundamentals
  • ISO 31000 Framework
  • COSO’s ERM Framework and Concepts
  • Understanding different risk factors
  • Undertaking Risk Identification
  • Risk Assessment Techniques
  • RCSA / Heat Maps
  • Risk mitigation perspective
  • Implementing Risk Response Strategy
  • Risk Monitoring ,Reporting and Risk Management

The training agenda and duration is customizable based on client requirements. The training can be provided at the client office or even online as required.

PLEASE NOTE: This training is meant only for corporates.

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