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Designed to enhance the skills of High-Potentials (Hi-Po’s), Second-line and Executive leadership, our program centers around five key pillars: Self-Discovery, Emotional Resilience, Impact, Effective Communication and Service-oriented Leadership.

Spanning 12 sessions, our primary goal is to cultivate a purpose-driven mindset, fostering transformative shifts that propel leaders toward inspirational and impactful leadership.

Benefits for Leaders:

We integrate our principles of the 3 Rs – Reflect, Rewire, Rise – to guide you on your transformational journey!

  • Transform Your Narrative: Empower your story for a positive impact.
  • Enhance Executive Presence: Elevate your leadership to inspire others.
  • Ignite Growth: Drive personal, interpersonal, and organizational growth.
  • Cultivate Calmness: Develop resilience and emotional well-being.
  • Enhance Self-Awareness: Gain deeper insights into your leadership style.
  • Inculcate Alignment: Foster cohesion and synergy within your organization.

Program Inclusions:

  • 10 One-to-One Sessions: Personalized coaching over 4-6 months.
  • 2 Review Sessions: Track progress and align goals.
  • Pre-coaching Discovery Call: Tailor the coaching experience.
  • Discussions with Supervisor and HR: Align goals with organizational objectives.
  • Experiential Assignments: Engage in practical growth activities.
  • Weekly 10-Minute Check-ins: Stay connected and motivated.
  • Quarterly Post-coaching Support for One Year: Sustain growth momentum.

Embark on a transformative journey with ASTITVA to amplify your leaders’ capacity to inspire and cultivate growth. Join our collaborative effort for impactful leadership development and make a lasting difference in your professional realm.

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