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Riskpro provides training on awareness of cybersecurity risk trends, types, or controls, and makes participants aware of their responsibilities in relation to fraud prevention. 

A sample training agenda on Cyber Security Risk can include the following:

  1. Risk & Cyber Risk : Introduction and leading Frameworks
  2. Cyber-risk factors
  3. Cyber-Risk Management Process
  4. Information maturity, costing, value, Prirotisation.
  5. IT Policies,-Internal Controls and ERM
  6. Cyber Risk Assessments (Identification, Risk
  7. Assessment, Cyber Risk impact / probability)
  8. Cyber Risk mitigation perspective
  9. Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance and Risk Limits
  10. Risk Monitoring ,Reporting and Risk Management
  11. Implementing Cyber Risk Response Strategy

The training agenda and duration is customizable based on client requirements. The training can be provided at the client office or even online as required.

PLEASE NOTE: This training is meant only for corporates.

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