Ancient Wisdom for Modern Success

Energy Balance: The Path to Success

Sangeeta Bhalla


Location: Hyderabad

Phone Number: 9599740597

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You know the importance of Being in Balance, Being Responsive and Not Responding, of being Proactive.

You have done the breathing, the yoga and even the meditation, but none of these habits are atomic.

You are an expert in the HOW, perhaps there is even a STRONG WHY, but do you know WHAT is happening? How is your body transforming as you do your practice? The WHAT is the secret, because once you know WHAT is happening, you close the circle.

In the class on Therapeutic Energy Healing, you will get to know about your energy body. You will understand how the Chakras control your energy and, most of all, WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DO DEEP BREATHING, MEDITATE. Because something magical is happening and once you know that magic, you will never let go.

Sangeeta Bhalla, the teacher, is herself a cancer survivor. Her deep dive into Energy Healing started with an existential desire to heal, to become well again. She shares with you in the class starting on June 29th. WhatsApp 9599740597 to know more or follow this link to register.

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